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10 Lies You Were Probably Taught In School


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The world is full of liars; it starts from the occasional gossip girl and goes up to the government of a country. Lest this ventures into propaganda territory, there are quite a few things that we learn in school that are falsehoods, and since it is by definition bound to perish sooner or later, let’s murder some lies.

1. There is no gravity in space

planets image

Gravity is not limited to mass, it is also a consequence of energy. All of the objects in space including the smallest speck of dust experience gravity. Nothing in the universe is stationary, even though it seems so.

2. Diamonds form from compressed coal

coal, diamond, coal and diamond

It’s believable, that’s for sure, but it turns out that most diamonds that have been found have been dated to before any plant or animal life. So even though its carbon compressed over thousands of years that made diamonds, it most certainly wasn’t in the form of coal.

3. Edison invented the light bulb


This has become an internet favourite. Squashing the myth that Edison invented the light bulb, or the myth that he was the world’s greatest inventor has gone viral like an internet meme. Couple that with the love for Tesla, and you have the perfect example of poetic justice and catharsis. Edison bought the patent of the incandescent light bulb from the widow of Heinrich Goebel and marketed it. Plus 22 other people including Tesla had already experimented with incandescent light.

4. Vincent Van Gogh cut off his own ear

Vincent Van Gogh

Sure he was crazy enough to commit suicide but not that crazy. Fellow artist Paul Gauguin cut off the ear in a sword fight. The truth surfaced after Van Gogh’s death because both of them had sworn secrecy.

5. Chameleon’s change colour for camouflage

chameleon, Chameleon colour

Ok, this is crazy. Chameleon’s change colour to absorb more heat and regulate body temperature and to communicate threats or mating behaviour.

6. Columbus didn’t discover America or prove the earth was round


Greek Mathematicians did the latter 2 millennia ago and Leif Erikson discovered America in 1000 AD.

7. Different parts of the tongue sense different tastes

tongue out

The whole surface is a sensor and a protein living on the tongue detects rotten food.

8. Abraham Lincoln opposed slavery

lincoln, Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s proclamation freed the slaves in the Confederacy and he said “If I could save the union without freeing any slave I would do it.” in 1862.

9. An apple fell on Newton’s head and he discovered gravity

Isaac Newton, Isaac Newton apple

He just saw an apple fall and devised the theory. Not much of a shocker there but it takes the fun out of it.

10. Humans descended from Chimpanzees

evolution, human evolution

Breathe a sigh of relief. We have a common ancestor that split into two different species 6 million years ago.


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4 Comments to 10 Lies You Were Probably Taught In School

  1. Richard Desjardins

    Number 4: it is an outrage to imply that people who commit suicide are crazy ! ! !

  2. I love when people just post there “facts” on the internet without citing the resource. I guess this must be a lesson in observational science

  3. Janusz Mrzigod

    I’ve never been taught any of these. Perhaps is is because I was educated in 1970s and 1980s, when school worked properly and hoaxes had no Internet to spread wildly 🙂 Besides, “coal” needs not to be of organic origin. It is simply polycrystalline carbon. Soot forms without participation of any organisms and it may form coal while compressed.

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